Recruitment Process

The Indian government closely monitors the activities of companies engaged in the deployment of workers for jobs in other countries. Every worker has to go through a process that will ensure he is registered with the Protector of Emigrants Office (POE), that he has read and knows his rights as a worker in the destination country, and that he knows where he is going and what he is getting into. This process is administered for the worker by Indian Government registered licensed agency.

Every Employer has to register their company online at Indian government Emigrate System/portal and need to verify all documents submitted for registration certificate to Indian Embassy. Indian Embassy will issue an USER ID and Password to generate demand letter on the name of Aditya International.



Detailed steps of each processes are mentioned in the respective user manuals uploaded under ‘Resources’ in emigrate website More Details click on

Aditya International as a registered agency will perform for their client activities needed in hiring and eventually deploying workers : Sourcing for applicants, advertising for vacancies, interviewing and pre-qualifying candidates, processing the selected candidates, giving them orientation and facilitating their departure. There are different documentation requirements for foreign companies, depending on where these companies are domiciled, but generally three important documents as below:-

Workers Demand Letter     Power of Attorney    Specimen Agreement Copy

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